Saturday, March 14, 2015

Blueberry Cake by Liane Brenner

Blueberry Cake

4 eggs
250 gr. sugar (I used brown sugar)
100 ml milk
300 gr butter (I did half/half with margarine)
3 tablespoons baking powder

300 gr. flour

Beat Eggs and sugar foamy
Melt butter and milk and separate pot and bring to a slight boil
Mix together & slowly stir in flour & baking powder

It is actually a recipe for apple cake. Using apples you would peel the apples, make little quarters & and slice each quarter about 1 cm deep (einschneiden). Just place them on top, with the cut in side facing out a bit.

As tonight I only had blueberries on hand, I used them instead. brown sugar goes better with the berries, so I picked that. Also makes a nicer color to the dough.

Let cake cool down completely before touching it. Due to the berries which pop in heat, cake is deliciously moist. (My mistake, I wrecked it a bit!)

As topping I recommend powdered sugar or caramelized sauce.

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