Sunday, June 14, 2015

Pasta Zucchini e Salsiccia By Cenk Dileme and Francesca Torelli

Recipe for 2 Persons

200 grams of pasta
1 unit big zucchini
2 unit raw sausages
30 ml milk
100 ml white wine
Half onion
Olive oil
Herbs. Pepperoncini, parsley, salt

Start Cooking

Put olive oil into a pan with herbs such as pepperoncini, parsley, garlic and salt. As herbs we used an Italian secret herb combination which contains mainly 50% pepperoncini, 25% parsley, 20% garlic and 5% salt. 

Once the olive oil is hot you add the raw sausage that you have previously prepared by cutting into little pieces and removing the skin. Now you cook the sausages on both sides until they are roasted and then you add the wine.
After the wine has evaporated you add the zucchini and the onion that you have prepared previously. We used the grater to prepare the zucchini and onion into small pieces, it simple and fast. Let it cook around 10-15 minutes while mixing it to avoid burning. 

When the cooking is done you add the milk and you let it cook 3 minutes more. Now it comes the most important step, mixing the sauce and pasta at the right time. The pasta should not be cooked completely when adding it into the pan with the sauce. Add the pasta around 3 minutes BEFORE it is cooked into the pan with the sauce and add if necessary a little pasta water into the pan to ensure that the pasta absorbs the sauce optimally. 

After that you let the entire mix including the past and sauce cook around 3 minutes more and your Pasta Zucchini e Salsiccia is ready to enjoy. To make it look more gourmet style you can use put a little more grated zucchini, a little tomato or parmigiana. 

Why we decided for this meal?

It was a Sunday lunch time and we were very hungry, but the fridge was empty The only remaining things were: a package of hidden pasta in the cupboard, 1 zucchini waiting to get cut and an open package of sausages. The result, Pasta Zucchini e Salsiccia, simple fast and delicious!

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