The Contest

Here you have some tips about how to send your material:

1. Name your plate

2. Give us a brief description about it and why you choose it

3. Send the recipe: (Can be in your language and we will translate to English)

4. We need 4/5 pictures and, if you want, a video to confirm that you cooked

5. We will confirm when your recipe is posted and you can invite your friends to the challenge

6. You can send as many recipes you want! There's no limits when we are talking about helping others

How we choose the best recipe?

- The most commented recipe, following the first 10 days of the next month will be the winner. So make sure to get the support from your friends to be the most commented recipe

- The winner will be contacted by email and he/she/they will choose a benefit organization. After confirm that the organization supports the fight against world hunger, we will proceed with the donation of the correspondent amount

- To make sure we are doing the donation, we will invite a person who is part of the organization rewarded to send us the register by pictures or videos

Some points to mention:

We are not involved in any organization and we do this initiative by our own

Since we are currently working, that is the way we find to help people and encourage others to do the same

As workers with normal salaries and no other incomes, we can donate up to 150 euros per month, so as much of you take part in the challenge, as much as we can donate

If you want to donate your plate let us know and publish pictures/videos of it.  If you want to help with cash donation, contact us by email:

Lots of people are out there and need our assistance. If you can do, take some of your time, be part of our challenge and discover how reward is to help people!!!

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